Author: Cameron Garran

Top 5 Stretches For Better Sexual Performance

Are you struggling with your sexual performance? Are you wanting to try some more advanced maneuvers but can’t seem to get yourself into position? Read on to work on your flexibility and then try out page 23 of your Tantra Book. Do you find some sex positions challenging for you while in the act? It is because you fail to do regular exercises or stretches to increase your flexibility and eventually your sexual performance. Most people tend to hold a lot of tensions in their bodies that prevent the natural flow of sexual energy. Being sexually active is pleasurable and...

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Top 5 Foods That Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is important for the health of both men and women. It increases libido, sexual pressure and responsible for muscle production. It also increases hair growth and sperm production. People usually lose testosterone when they age or develop chronic diseases. Low testosterone levels can be treated to prevent any future problems. Apart from that, you may consider consuming some testosterone boosting foods with zinc and vitamin D. The following foods are the best in improving your testosterone levels. Another great alternative is a natural testosterone boosting supplement. Look for one that is made from natural...

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Erectile Dysfunction And Age

Men aren’t the most open of the creatures when it comes to talking about their problems, especially problems related to genital function. It’s still considered a taboo subject and most men think of it as a matter of pride for their genitals to function correctly. However, with age, that function deteriorates, and many men start to face erectile problems. It’s one of the most common issues men deal with in their lives, it’s more prevalent with people above 40, but it’s not something that comes with, as you age. There are many causes for it, and it’s directly related...

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VitoLast Male Enhancement Review: All About The New Male Enhancement Supplement

VitoLast is a new male enhancement supplement that promises to give you harder, stronger, and longer lasting erections. It will also boost your sexual appetite! VitoLast is here to change your life in and out of the bedroom. Men. Let’s be honest. As we age we all succumb to the effects of time. One of these effects is that sometimes we can’t perform sexually like we did when we were younger. It happens to the best of us and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Fortunately, modern science has the answer to the effects of aging. We at...

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Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

One of the many things that make us human, is our ability to feel emotion. Some might say its all in the head, while others may argue its all in the heart or mind. Science, however, gives us a different explanation, I won’t get into the details here but there are many things that can physiologically affect certain emotions and one of such things is hormones. One of such hormones that is absolutely necessary for males to functions. As you can guess, it is found in abundance in men and to some extent in women as well, though in...

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