Author: Paige Hannell

Stress and Weight Loss – Destress and Lose Weight

Are you eating right and working out regularly but still gaining weight? You may be getting it all right but missing this one thing that counts – your stress levels. Working late hours, barely catching any hours of sleep, always worrying about how you’ll handle the hurdles life throws at you; these are some of the factors that fuel stress and in turn, contribute to your unexplainable weight gain. Stress also has many effects on other parts of your life. In addition to contributing to weight gain, stress can affect your relationships. You will be more reactive to the...

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Drink More Water to Lose Weight

It’s incredible how you can sip your way to a slimmer, fit body. Water is often underappreciated and barely given credit despite its immense contribution to natural weight loss. Adding plenty of water to your weight loss diet especially if you’ve been going through your days slightly or very dehydrated will help significantly with getting you in shape. Water is a great way to help you to lose weight naturally. Water and natural weight loss. Water boosts metabolism. Water is involved in every cellular process in the body. Staying well hydrated ensures that these processes flow smoothly. Every time...

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Pets Help You Lose Weight

We all love our furry, feathered, or scaly little friends. They are great companions in your home, but they can also be your ticket to a healthier, longer life if you just let them. You know how expert studies have shown that when you embark on a weight loss program with a supportive friend, you are more likely to succeed in losing the weight? Well, studies have been conducted, and your pet qualifies as a workout buddy. Here’s how. If you own a pet, consider trying a natural weight loss supplement as well. The pet will get you out...

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Stop Drinking Soda To Lose Weight

It is possible for people to become addicted to soda to certain levels. Some people are daily six-pack drinkers while others can’t go two days without washing down a glass or two of the sweet-tasting, fizzy drink. Despite how good it tastes and feels, soda has a horrible effect on your weight and altogether wellbeing. Diet soda still counts as soda, and its impact on body weight is dire. Cutting back on this refreshment is one way to lose weight fast. What’s not so right about soda? Every aspect of soda makes it a hazard to anyone trying to...

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Meditation Effects on Weight Loss

Before you dive into a diet or detox you have been considering, try a cost-effective strategy that not only helps you slim down but also relaxes your body. Meditation is a practice that involves clearing the mind of all thoughts and calming down your emotions. It has been known to have a positive effect on psychological health, but can it help you lose weight? Yes, meditation can be a useful tool for holistic weight loss. Let’s take a closer look at the connection between meditation and weight loss. The primary factor that makes meditation potent as a weight loss...

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