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What Happens To A Mans Body After 30

Aging is difficult. It affects both men and women differently and can change each person differently. Many people refer to these changes as a second puberty. You know what we are talking about. Your body starts to change. There is hair where there wasn’t before. Etc. So, what happens to a man’s body after he turns 30? It turns out; there are quite a few changes physiological changes that can occur on a man’s body during his 30s. Here are a few of the changes that a man can expect to go through as he turns 30. HAIR. MORE IN SOME...

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Satisfy Your Sexual Partner

Have you ever wondered if you are truly satisfying your sexual partner outside of the bedroom? Are they happy with your relationship? Many women, as well as men, have expressed that they aren’t happy in a relationship that based only on physical contact and fun between the sheets. There is a more profound need that must be met to honestly be happy in a relationship and take it to that next level. However, if you have never experienced this next level relationship, here are some pointers that will help you reach it. Your partner has needs. As their sexual partner,...

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