Men aren’t the most open of the creatures when it comes to talking about their problems, especially problems related to genital function. It’s still considered a taboo subject and most men think of it as a matter of pride for their genitals to function correctly.

However, with age, that function deteriorates, and many men start to face erectile problems. It’s one of the most common issues men deal with in their lives, it's more prevalent with people above 40, but it’s not something that comes with, as you age.

There are many causes for it, and it's directly related to a person’s testosterone. In fact, a person in his 20s can have erectile dysfunction if he has low testosterone levels.

Health Issues:

If you have health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, different states of the heart, etc, then the chances are that you will deal with ED pretty soon if you don’t do so already.

A healthy flow of blood is necessary for proper erections, and if anything constricts that blood flow, then a person is bound to suffer from ED. In addition to that, low testosterone levels can also be a contributing factor towards ED. Consult a doctor immediately if you have any of the conditions.


We have just talked about healthy blood flow to your genitals being necessary for you to achieve erections, but if you smoke, then I have some bad news. Smoking can affect your blood flow, and higher concentration can restrict blood flow to your body including the kind going downstairs.

Smoking is all around unhealthy for your body, so if you didn’t have a good enough point to quit, now you have more than an ample reason to quit smoking and prevent ED.


One of the most common but less known ways men are at risk of ED is through their diet. They intake foods that affect their testosterone which is necessary for achieving erections.

Our diet plays a huge role in our body’s ability to produce testosterone. Certain minerals are required such as zinc and magnesium to get testosterone production started in the body. To counter ED, men should intake foods that help in the production of testosterone and take zinc and magnesium supplements in the event their testosterone is low.

Quite often, it can be challenging to develop a habit of eating healthy to get all of the nutrients your body needs to combat low testosterone. In those cases, it can be beneficial to try a male enhancement supplement that can help your body counter the effects of low testosterone.


Last but certainly not the least, you will have to do exercise to keep your body in shape so that you can counter the effects of ED on your body. A specific type of activity will help you here, such as weight training and HIIT exercise. Both of them will increase muscle mass and decrease fat levels in your body. The more muscles you have, the more testosterone you will have in your body, muscles mass is directly linked to your testosterone levels, you cant have one without the other. By conditioning your body overall, you will also condition your genitals. If your overall body is in good condition, then your equipment downstairs will be in excellent condition.