We all have had that time in our lives when we’ve decided to go green and start living a healthy life. We invest in a good blender, ditch the junk food for nutritious and delicious smoothies and start working out. This,  of course, is usually done with a goal in mind. To lose a little weight.

More and more people are now adopting this lifestyle; there are numerous diseases that can be prevented this way without the need for expensive surgery and drugs.

This lifestyle helps you avoid getting sick in the first place, but you already know that. By making one small modification to your diet, you can not only lose all that excess weight, you will also be a little closer to living a healthy lifestyle.

Also, there have been fantastic improvements in dietary supplements over the years. One such diet supplement can help you lose weight quickly without having to dramatically change your life. This supplement plus a low carb diet is a recipe for success.

That’s right, by switching to a low carb diet, you can accomplish all of that and even more. Here are the foods you need to eat on a low carb diet:

This is should be your best bet and the top stomach filler on the list. Meat is a great source of protein along with a host of different vitamins.

It is recommended that you eat white meats (chicken, fish, etc) more than red meats as the latter is richer in fats and overeating red meats can contribute towards heart problems. However, if consumed in a balanced way then you should be fine.

You should make sure to eat fish once a week, it’s a good source of OMEGA-3.

Something that should be a priority even if you are not on a diet, vegetables are absolutely necessary for a healthy diet.

They are an absolute powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that are vital for a healthy operation of your body. They will balance out the meat in your diet and help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Your vegetable proportion should be always more than the meat in your diet.

Fruits are nature’s vitamin and mineral rich desserts, for your low carb diet, they are perfect for snacking. There is a wide variety of fruits that one can eat, for example, apples, pears, oranges, bananas, strawberries, grapes, etc.

Always make sure to have them on hand in case hunger strikes, they are the perfect snacking option.

Nuts and Seeds:
Can’t have a balanced diet without some nuts, which are a powerhouse of essential oils that your body needs for a healthy operation.

You should make sure to have some nuts daily, not more than what can fit in the palm of your hand. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios and the like are some of the popular nuts that can work here.

Grab one or two of them when you’re out and about dealing with your daily affairs, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Contrary to popular perception, the key to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle does not require a big change.

Small modifications, much like the one discussed in this article, make a huge difference as well. The tricky part is to stick with them, and not give in to temptation, consistency is the key.