IntelliBoost IQ is a cognitive enhancement supplement that will give you better focus, increased memory retention, and higher energy levels

The Problem. 

Men and women start to experience declining cognitive abilities as early as our mid-twenties. Tasks that were once easy to perform become more difficult as we age.

Our memory recall also suffers as we forgot details such as where we last placed common items.

The Solution. 

The natural ingredients in IntelliBoost IQ can help prevent the brains natural cognitive decline and increase mental energy and overall alertness.

Our guide will teach you all about this brain enhancing supplement. Learn how it works, the benefits you can experience, the potential side effects, reviews, and what the cost is and where to buy.

Unlock the potential of your brain!

What Is IntelliBoost IQ

IntelliBoost IQ is a brain function enhancement oral supplement that will help you achieve a sharper focus, better memory recall, and boosted energy levels. 

The mental improvement is accomplished by supplying a proprietary blend of ingredients and nutrients to the brain to support higher brain functions.

The safe and effective cognitive enhancement supplement is also fast. The blend of natural ingredients will give your brain a healthy dose of needed nutrition to help you throughout the day.

Unleash the potential of your brain and regain your mental sharpness!

Where To Buy IntelliBoost IQ In Australia

The IntelliBoost IQ company website indicates that you can only purchase this product from the official website at this point in time.

You are not able to purchase this supplement from a physical store at this point in time.

The sales approach is intended to get the supplement into the hands of as many customers as possible via a promotional offer.

The current promotion allows you to purchase a full-size 30-day supply bottle of IntelliBoost IQ by paying only the shipping costs of $4.95!

The current promotion will only be available for a limited time. If you would like to try a bottle for this fantastic offer price, act quickly before supplies run out and you have to pay full price.

IntelliBoost IQ Congnitive Enhancement Benefits

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IntelliBoost IQ boasts many benefits to users. We have highlighted some of our favorite benefits you can experience by using this amazing brain power enhancing supplement.

1. Sharper Memory!

The unique blend of ingredients that are found in IntelliBoost IQ has been shown in studies to help improve memory in both men and women.

These effects have been shown in those as young as their early 20s and 30s as well as in people from 40 to 65 as well. You can regain your sharp memory.

Another method to help you retain a sharp memory is to practice daily meditation which can have additional health benefits.

2. Strong Motivation & Focus

One of the effects of aging is that our brain cells get weaker and eventually die out. This aging consequence has the effect of slowing down our cognitive functions.

Over time, we have trouble remembering simple things like where we left our keys or if we left the stove on.

IntelliBoost IQ helps deliver a potent dose of nutrients to support higher cognitive function which allows you to have better focus and recall!

3. Boosted Physical Energy Levels

Sustained energy throughout the day is the desire of many busy adults who use up quite a bit of mental energy on daily tasks.

Typically adults will experience a midday crash and become less effective during the afternoon.

Now you can avoid the crash and keep your focus to help you be more productive! With this brain enhancing supplement, you will have higher sustained energy levels throughout the day!

For additional energy levels, consider making changes to your diet which can dramatically affect how you feel during the day.

Work smarter with IntelliBoost IQ Healthy Brain Function Support!


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How To Use IntelliBoost IQ Supplement

IntelliBoost IQ is easier to use than the competition. You don't need to take a myriad of pills and capsules to achieve the remarkable results that it can deliver.

The science behind this brain enhancing supplement allows users to unlock more of their brain power and cognitive focus than they've ever experienced.

Clinical trials have shown that users have experienced a boost in brain power up to 89.1% and a focused increase of up to 121%. They also gain the advantage of higher energy levels.

Here are some tips we've compiled to get the most out of your use of this supplement:

  • Take up to two IntelliBoost IQ pills daily. Users usually take one in the morning and then another mid-afternoon as needed.
  • Within the first hour, you will start to notice the increased brain function as well as supported energy levels.
  • Sustained use of the supplement will yield the most significant results. Keep on taking it for 3-5 months for the best lasting effect.
  • The brain is like a muscle. The more you use it at these higher levels, the greater its capacity will be in the future to have a higher function.
  • The same company also offers another brain supplement that helps to help sustain and supercharge crucial neurotransmitters called BoostMental.
  • Pair your order with BoostMental for an enhanced experience. Get more out of your brain every day.
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IntelliBoost IQ Side Effects

Perhaps the most excellent feature of this cognitive enhancement supplement is that it is virtually free from side effects when used correctly!

How is this possible?

It has to do with the ingredients. IntelliBoost IQ is made from 100% natural ingredients which means that it is nothing foreign to the body.

The unique formula only enhances what the brain already has at its disposal as fuel and kicks it up a degree or two.

Users in clinical trials who experienced any side effect reported that they had used an incorrect dose of the product.

Limit your usage to two pills of the supplement per day to avoid any potential risks or side effects.

Who Will Get The Biggest Boost From IntelliBoost IQ?

The company claims that men and women of all ages will experience some benefit from taking this supplement.

However, it seems that these particular user groups have been shown to get the most benefit out of their usage of this powerful supplement.


Remember that cognitive functions start to slow down around the mid-twenties. This means that as you get older, you begin to become mentally slower.

The results can lead to issues such as forgetting things more easily, having trouble recalling specific details, and an overall “slow” feeling.

These are the exact symptoms that IntelliBoost IQ was made to address!

Feel better, sharper, and mentally younger today!


Do you feel like your memory has been slipping the last few years? We have all been there. This is a normal part of aging.

It takes quite a bit of work to keep your mind sharp. Some use puzzles, and other use some sort of brain sharpening app on their electronic device

If you are already doing an activity to keep your mind sharp, EXCELLENT! Boost your results with IntelliBoost IQ to reap the benefit of your efforts.


Have you been struggling to maintain focus on the task at hand? Does this generally hit during the mid-afternoon slump?

You are not alone! This slump happens to most people and only gets worse the older we get.

The results are in, and they show that you can overcome these issues by taking this breakthrough cognitive enhancing supplement!

Here are some additional tips to get over that mid-afternoon crash.

Are There Any Risks With Taking IntelliBoost IQ?

Many may be wondering if this supplement is too good to be true. There must be some catch.

Read on.

There is no catch. This brain enhancing supplement is risk-free. You will not have any adverse reaction to taking it.

Why? Because it is made with all natural ingredients. That is why. Don't believe us? Go ahead and try the risk-free promotion and get your 30-day supply bottle for only AUD $4.95. The price is set.

Take advantage of the promotion before it's over.

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