Have you ever wondered if you are truly satisfying your sexual partner outside of the bedroom? Are they happy with your relationship?

Many women, as well as men, have expressed that they aren't happy in a relationship that based only on physical contact and fun between the sheets.

There is a more profound need that must be met to honestly be happy in a relationship and take it to that next level.

However, if you have never experienced this next level relationship, here are some pointers that will help you reach it.

Your partner has needs. As their sexual partner, you should be the person that understands their needs the most. You should know what makes them happy and what makes them sad.

If you don't know this information, you need to change how you think about your partner.


Be selfless.

What do we mean?

Try to put their needs first. Think about your partner first and how they would feel if you take a specific action. In the bedroom, this is critical to having a good and healthy sexual relationship. It is even more important out of the bedroom. Before taking action, consider your partner and how they will feel about it.


You've got to understand what makes your partner happy. One study and approach is to learn your partners love language.

A love language is a manner in which your partner prefers to receive affection. For some of us, this is purely physical. If that is your case, you have it easy.

For others, it is not so straightforward. Many people want to love in different ways. For some, this means that they want to be thought of throughout the day. Drop a quick text to your lover throughout the day to let them know you are thinking about them.

Quick little reminders like that go a long way to showing your partner you care.

Others like little gifts to show your love. These don't have to be expensive. Instead, they can be small and inexpensive thoughtful gifts that you can give to your partner.


Alright, listen up.

This one is critical. You need to put your partners needs first! There. We said it. Now do it.

If you can do this consistently, your partner will be much happier. Do you know what that means? They will then be much more willing to do what it takes to make you happy.

Givers gain.

Understand what makes your partner happy and then do that. Be willing to sacrifice your wants and needs in favor of their wants and needs.

This is the correct measurement of love.


Communication is vital in any relationship. To reach the top levels of trust in a relationship where true happiness is found, you need to be able to effectively communicate.

You should be willing to share your hopes, dreams, and fears.

You need to be able to open yourself up to your partner and trust that they will be willing to accept you for who you are.

If you do this, then typically they will do the same. You will grow together because you will know each other.

If you are not getting something from a relationship, you need to build the level of trust in your relationship so that you can ask for what you want and be confident that your partner will love you enough to help you.


Once you've established a good communication pattern in your relationship, you must be willing to listen to the needs of your partner.

There are many elements to active listening, but the gist of it is that you actively listen instead of just thinking about how to lead the conversation to another point.

Listen without thinking about what you are going to say next.

Sometimes that is all that is needed to deepen a relationship.


Remeber the bit above concerning love languages? The master love language is time.

It doesn't matter if you know what your partners love language is if you never make time to express yourself and show your partner that you care.

To effectively make time for your partner, you need to plan. Think about times during the week and day that you can make time for your partner and put in on your calendar.

Then, plan out what precisely you are going to do during that scheduled time.

Beleive us, your partner will appreciate the effort and will show their thanks to you.


Follow these suggestions and we know that your relationship will improve in and out of the bedroom.

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