Aging is difficult. It affects both men and women differently and can change each person differently.

Many people refer to these changes as a second puberty.

You know what we are talking about. Your body starts to change. There is hair where there wasn't before. Etc.

So, what happens to a man's body after he turns 30? It turns out; there are quite a few changes physiological changes that can occur on a man's body during his 30s.

Here are a few of the changes that a man can expect to go through as he turns 30.


Oh boy. You've started to notice hair in places that it wasn't before. Also, unfortunately for most men, the hair on the top of your head has started to thin out a bit.

What is going on?

It turns out this is a very common occurrence and will affect most men in their life.

In fact, about two-thirds of men will experience thinning hair after turning 30. This means that you will most likely be affected by thinning hair at some point in your life.

Also, you may start to notice hair where you didn't have it before. This can include your back, the backs of your arms (tricep area), your neckline, and other places.

This is entirely common and natural albeit inconvenient for aging men.

You will most likely need help to keep the new hair growth in check if that is something that you care about.

Just go ahead and ask your wife/girlfriend/partner for help shaving your back. They'll love it.


Are you just not feeling like your old self as you age? Perhaps you are feeling less passion, less sexual motivation, and less aggression after you've turned 30.

You are not alone! The science is sound, and the verdict is in.

Men's bodies don't produce as much testosterone as they once did after they turn 30. This can lead to a variety of changes in a man's body.

Most notably, you will have less energy than you did before.

Testosterone is a great natural energy booster that helps you get up and through the day. It can give you a healthy amount of aggression that promotes competitiveness.

You will also notice less sexual appetite. This can be overcome of course. You could try out a natural male enhancement supplement to help you get those old desires back.


Your metabolism is the natural rate at which your body burns calories. As you age, unfortunately, your metabolism slows down.

This has some negative consequences such as the following.

  • Less energy. As your body slows down the caloric burn, it has less energy to help propel you to do the things you love to do. Maybe you can't get up and get that 5 miles run in anymore. You want to lay in bed and sleep.
  • Gain weight much easier. Uh oh. When your body slows down, you don't burn as many calories naturally. The result is that you will start to back on the pounds much quicker and easier. You will need to combat this by dieting or begin to exercise more.

You could also try out a natural diet supplement such as Phenterage Garcinia. Phenterage has been shown to boost your energy levels as well as your natural fat burn rate so that you lose weight fast and safe.


It happens to the best of us. As men age, the collagen levels in the skin start to decrease which causes the skin to sag and wrinkle.

The first place on the body that develops wrinkles is normally the face around eyes.

Wrinkles can age a man's appearance by several years. For that reason, you can try out a natural wrinkle remover such as TryVix.

There are other solutions available but none that deliver the results that TryVix Anti Wrinkle Cream can deliver.


As men age, some unfortunate changes occur. However, you don't have to be a victim of these detrimental changes. You can fight back by trying out a natural supplement.

You can also change your habits and lifestyle.

Be prepared by taking care of yourself when you are young. This attitude will help you to be ready for the changes when they happen to you.